About Us

Yard Sale Radar is a hobbyist-owned business that takes the hassle out of finding or advertising yard and estate sales. Whether you’re new to yard sales or an old pro, Yard Sale Radar is your one-stop-shop for yard and estate sale listings!


Save Money & Time: Advertise Your Yard Sale Here

For many people, attending a yard sale isn’t an everyday activity. They might only go if they see a sign or an ad. But signs are a hassle to deal with. You have to buy the materials, make the sign, drive around the neighborhood to set them up, and then take them down afterward. Not to mention signs only reach a very narrow slice of people—most of whom are not interested in a yard sale and won’t reschedule their day to visit yours.

To get more visitors to your sale, you need to be seen by the people who are actually interested — that’s where we come in.

At Yard Sale Radar, we know that it’s a lot of work to set up and run a yard or estate sale, so we’re here to help you cut down on the time and energy you spend advertising it. With Yard Sale Radar, you can save time and money by easily posting your listings to our site. Your listing will be visible to anyone searching for yard sales in your area and will remain customizable for as long as you need your sale to be advertised.

Post Your Listing with Us

When you’re ready to post a listing, we make it easy.

Set the essentials, like location, hours, and date, or catch the eye of particular buyers by listing which types of items you’re selling, with as little or as much detail as you like. Shoppers using our site can search for these items in particular, so if there’s somebody a couple of towns over who really wants a copy of an old vinyl record that you just happen to be selling, they’ll be able to see your listing.

It’s really that simple! Save time, save money, and tell your city about your sale today with Yard Sale Radar!


Find Yard and Estate Sales

With Yard Sale Radar, it has never been easier to find yard and estate sales in your area. Our listings put you in control, allowing you to:

  • Search multiple estate or yard sales in your area to get a sense of what’s out there and which sales you want to visit.
  • Search by item type to find just what you’re looking for and choose your favorite from what’s available.
  • Compare different estate or yard sales so that you can plan out your day, find the best deals on good items, save money, and have a great experience.

Get started today right here at Yard Sale Radar!