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Top American Cities for Yard Sales

Yard sales are an American tradition. They are the perfect blend of commerce and community, in which folks who are looking to clear some clutter out of their closets and earn a little spending money can get together with value-conscious shoppers looking for a good deal.

Of course, yard sale sites across the country have their own characteristics when it comes to climate, culture, zoning, and other factors that make each location unique. For example, foot traffic and weather differences will make for very different shopping experiences at yard sale sites in Los Angeles and compared to New York City.

All of these differences that go into making yard sales across the USA different mean that it is not enough just to know what it takes to make having a yard sale or shopping at a yard sale a success, you need to know what works in your town.

Yard Sale Radar has created a list of the top yard sales sites in America. We can tell you what makes each of them unique and what you will want to know in order to stage a successful yard sale or to make the most of your yard sale shopping experience.

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