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What Should I Put in My Listing?

Most people searching our yard sales listings are:

  • Looking for something specific.
  • Love the thrill of the hunt.
  • Just want to get out, enjoy some fresh air, and interact with people.

This means that when you advertise yard sales, you have to meet the expectations of all three groups:

  • To catch the interest of the people who are looking for something specific, mention the items that have the highest utility or value. High-value utility items can be used by many different people on a day-to-day basis and include pieces like televisions, furniture, tables, lamps, and dishes.
  • To catch the interest of hobbyist garage sale hunters, the most effective garage sale advertising should talk about your highly unique items. For instance, rare books, CDs, jewelry, and old antiques are all fantastic items to mention in your yard sale advertising!
  • To catch the interest of people who are mainly there for a good time, use an upbeat, welcoming tone in your ad and invite people to come say “hello” and get some fresh air. These folks might not have it in mind to buy anything at first, but if you can get them to show up with the help of some friendly garage sale advertising, they’ll often come away with a little something.

To advertise your yard sale successfully, your listing should also include the specifics such as your location, date of your sale, and hours you’ll be available. A few clean, well-lit photos also go a long way!

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A garage sale itself is a lot of hard work, but garage sale advertising doesn’t have to be! Check out our garage sale tips & tricks before posting your sale today!