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Yard Sale Radar eliminates the hassle of marketing your yard or estate sale listings through outdoor signs and flyers. Save time, save money, and search and be seen nationwide when you post your sale with us today!

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Tired of wasting time and money searching your town for local sales? With Yard Sale Radar, you can search our database to find estate sales and garage sale listings in your area, or anywhere nationwide. Compare different sales, find the specific goods you’re looking for, and discover the best deals!

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Yard Sale Radar is your one-stop shop for both buyers and sellers to advertise and discover yard and estate sales in your area. Yard Sale Radar is a hobbyist-owned business who knows just how much work it is to organize and run a yard sale. Yard Sale Radar was started to make it a little bit easier. Our yard sale listings make it easier for sellers to connect with interested buyers, improving the value of yard sales for everybody involved. Learn more about what we do!


  1. How Do I Search for Particular Products for Sale in My Area?

    Sometimes your estate or yard sale hunt involves finding particular, unique items you can’t find anywhere else. Save yourself the time and hassle of traveling to sales where you might come up empty-handed — with Yard Sale Radar you can search for sales in your area selling the items you want! Simply visit our Search for Sales page and input your location and the items you are searching for — you can even filter your results by popular product categories such as appliances, baby items, toys, DVDs, and more! Your results will show sales in your area, how far they are from your location, and what types of products they are listing that match your search. It’s that easy!

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