Estates Sales in Tyler, TX

Effortlessly discover exactly what you need across all garage sales in Tyler, TX. Think of Yard Sale Radar as Google, but for yard sales. You can scout yard sales and hunt for the best deals before ever leaving your home. Save time, save money, search, and be seen nationwide.


Family Owned

Created by a father-son duo of passionate hobbyists, Yard Sale Radar’s purpose is to bring innovation to estate sales in Tyler, TX. Yard sale hunting is fun, but it’s also time-consuming and not environmentally friendly. If you search yard sales in your area before actually visiting the location, you can efficiently plan your route.

Alongside digitally searching yard sales, we also offer a user-friendly platform for sellers to showcase their sale items. If hosting your own yard sale seems overwhelming, Yard Sale Radar is the perfect solution for you. Seamlessly search or list garage sales in Tyler, TX.

Compare Items at Your Favorite Sales

Have you ever spent a day scouting sales and found better deals at sales you visited at the end of the day? When you search for sales ahead of time, you can compare prices, quality, and value ahead of time. Compare items at estate sales in Tyler, TX now!