Glass cups, cases full of knick knacks, ceramic painted animals on black liner

Estate and Yard Sales in Fresno, CA Area

Hunt down the best garage, yard, and estate sales in the Fresno area! With Yard Sale Radar you can search for exactly what you need, hassle-free! Whether you’re buying or selling, we will connect you to a yard sale in Fresno that is perfect for your needs. No more wasting time, no more driving around the town aimlessly. Search tons of estate, yard, and garage sales in Fresno from any mobile device or computer!


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We’ve Got Your Back

Yard Sale Radar is a passionate family-owned business, founded by hobbyists. Our goal is to make yard sales and estate sales in Fresno and all around the United States easily accessible. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, we make listing and selling your items very easy. We will connect you to like-minded people. Saving you time, money, and resources.