Information for Garage Sale Permits/Yard Sale Permits: OKC

Yard sales are exciting events for sellers and buyers alike. Before the big day or weekend, sellers have a laundry list of things to accomplish. A garage sale or yard sale permit OKC is required. Mark this item off your list.

OKC Yard Sale Permit Tips

  • Save time by ordering your permit online. Sellers can also call for a paperless permit or go in person to request a permit.
  • Utility bills that are in good standing may allow sellers the option to pay their permit on the next billing cycle vs. paying the moment they apply.
  • An address is allowed two yard sales per year. The yard sale can last up to three days in a row.
  • Early-risers can sleep extra as sale hours are allowed between 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Sellers may sell personal property items only.
  • Sellers cannot sell motor vehicles, consignment or resale items, and new products/goods at the yard sale per the OKC Garage Sale Permit.
  • By participating in a garage sale, you are welcome to place one sign measuring less than 12 square feet in your yard.
  • OKC has an enforced penalty for not having your sale permit, so don’t brush this task off.


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The readily available OKC garage sale permit will allow you to sell your things and enable buyers the opportunity to find new treasures. Now you are ready to begin marketing your sale. Invite the nation and your neighbors to your garage sale today by posting on Yard Sale Radar.