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Knoxville is a culturally diverse city that is overflowing with antiques and graced with local art galleries. Located in the epicenter of the Tennessee Valley, Knoxville is also known as the “cradle of country music.” A charming city full of urban life, Knoxville hosts a slew of music and food festivals year-round. With so much going on, there are sure to be some interesting finds at garage sales in Knoxville, TN. To locate yard sales near you, count on Yard Sale Radar. Check out our site for the best garage sales, or post a Knoxville yard sale of your own.

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Who wants to drive all over the city looking for tiny, illegible signs on the ground to direct you to local yard sales? Once you get there, what if you find there is absolutely nothing you are interested in buying? A better approach is to explore Yard Sale Radar to search for sales near you, and save yourself the gas money and drive time. You can even compare items at your favorite sales!

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Yard Sale Radar isn’t only for discovering where yard and garage sales in Knoxville, TN are located. We are here to help you get the word out, locally and nationally, about the garage sale you are hosting. Check out our “Tips and Tricks” to get the most out of your yard sale today! Make some extra money and clean out your unwanted items all at the same time!

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