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Find out about the best yard and estate sales the New York metropolitan area has to offer. If you’re hunting yard, estate, or garage sales in the NYC area, you’re going to love Yard Sale Radar. After all, the Big Apple is a huge place, and finding those diamond-in-the-rough sales can be a serious hassle. Whether you’re browsing or listing your own great offer, our hobbyist-owned platform makes connecting with your community fun, fast, and easy.


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If you’re hosting a sale, you want to be confident that people are going to show up. Traditional ads for yard and estate sales in New York tend to get buried. Yard Sale Radar makes it simple and economical to advertise yard and garage sales in NYC to a relevant audience. No more posting sketchy ads to Craigslist or hoping someone sees your coffee shop flier — Yard Sale Radar makes it easy to get the news out about your sale.

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Our user-friendly platform is fun and straightforward, giving you access to the countless yard and garage sales NYC is hiding. Need customer support? Check out our estate and yard sale “Tips & Tricks” or contact us anytime. Save Time, Save Money, Search and Be Seen Nationwide with Yard Sale Radar.