San Antonio Garage Sale Permit/Yard Sale Permit Information

As you get ready for your yard sale, there are some things that you must take into account for a smooth and efficient day. San Antonio garage sale permits are required and are a priority for your task list. Having a permit in hand will allow planning and setup to flow without regulation hiccups.

San Antonio Garage Sale Rules:

  • If you are planning a garage sale within an area zoned or used for personal use, you, as a resident or non-profit organization, require a permit the day sales are taking place.
  • There is a requirement of one yard sale permit in San Antonio per sale.
  • Get your permit before the start date of the sale.
  • The San Antonio garage sale permit is issued after payment is received.
  • Residents may have up to four yard sales during a calendar year, one garage sale per quarter. If you have a garage sale all four quarters in the calendar year, you will get a free permit in quarter four!
  • Non-profit organizations are welcome to have twelve total garage sales per calendar year.
  • By participating in a garage sale, you are welcome to place up to three signs per San Antonio’s garage sale rules and sign guidelines.
  • Be in the know with San Antonio’s yard sale guidelines by viewing here.

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