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Estate & Garage Sales in San Francisco Metropolitan Area

Yard Sale Radar is the ultimate tool for anyone interested in yard and estate sales in the San Francisco area! Whether you’re on the hunt or trying to clear out some clutter, we make it easy for you to connect with your community. Post your Bay Area yard sale listing today or browse what others near you are listing to find exactly what you need.

Yard Sale Radar: An Easier Way to Hunt for Bay Area Yard & Estate Sales

Finding that elusive diamond-in-the-rough sale is no easy feat with so many hills around! It happens all the time—you show up to a sale and there’s nothing worth buying, or worse, all the good stuff is picked over. Yard Sale Radar provides detailed estate and garage sale listings in the San Francisco area so you know what to expect. You can even search for specific items at yard and estate sales near you in San Francisco!

A Better Way to Advertise

Connect with the shoppers who genuinely want to know about your Bay Area yard sale. Other classified platforms are so bogged down with listings that finding sales can be difficult. Not to mention hanging signs and passing out flyers takes time and energy that could be better spent in a million other ways. With Yard Sale Radar on your side, all you need is one simple ad to reach potential buyers nationwide.

Compare Items at Your Favorite Sales

With so many yard and estate sales San Francisco happening right now, you’re sure to find something. Want to know more about yard sales in the Bay Area? Check out our estate and yard sale “Tips & Tricks” or feel free to contact us for help. Yard Sale Radar is a family-owned business run by hobbyists just like you. Enjoy a better buying or selling experience today!