A Guide to Fair Pricing at Your Garage Sale or Yard Sale

Aside from an easily accessible location, pricing is probably the most important thing when it comes down to yard sales. While you’re thinking about fair pricing, you’re also thinking about making a profit. If you’re wondering what’s fair for your garage sale pricing, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at our simple guide to yard sale pricing, giving you the best possible outcome.

Visit Other Garage Sales

Acceptable yard sale prices will vary depending on your city or state. A lightly used lamp priced at $30 might be too pricey in one location but a complete steal in another. Visit other sales in your area to get a feel of the current market.

Observe which items are quickly sold and which items seem to get little attention. Your garage sale pricing should be similar to others in your surrounding area. This method will ensure you’re not overcharging. While also ensuring you’re not giving your items away with no gain to you.

Consider the 10% Rule

The 10% rule is a popular but often unspoken yard sale rule. Never price used items at more than 10% of their retail value. Of course, when selling brand-new items or used items in great condition, you’ll have to use your discretion. Whether an item is heavily used or brand new, always be mindful that your garage sale pricing is never exorbitant. You don’t want to scare away potential customers from making a purchase.

man searching through books at yard sale

End Prices in 5’s or 10’s

When deciding on your yard sale pricing, aim to end most of your prices in 5’s or 10’s. Most seasoned yard sale hunters will expect to see this standard pricing method. While this pricing method will make your shoppers more comfortable, it’ll also be great for you. You’ll be able to quickly break change and effortlessly check out customers. Ending pricing in 5’s or 10’s will decrease long wait times and potential confusion.

Be Ready to Bargain

Even if you thoroughly plan your garage sale pricing by doing research and using calculators, you need to be ready to bargain. Avid yard sale hunters will always be ready to bargain for a good deal. If you can, try to hold off on bargaining until the last day of your sale – unless you’re really desperate to get rid of a certain item.

clothes on a rack at yard sale

Decreasing prices on the spot may not seem exciting, but negotiation will always be a part of the business. Selling a book priced at $3 for $1 may be worth it at the end of the day. When hosting a yard sale, it’s important to remember that your goal should be to sell as much as possible. On the last day of your sale, be prepared to slash prices in half, as well as mark down higher-priced items like furniture or antique items.

Make Prices Easy to See

Your customers shouldn’t have to toss and turn items to figure out your garage sale pricing. Use vibrant neon-colored stickers and tags to quickly bring attention to prices. If you’re handwriting your prices, use a fine-point marker to write them. Fine-point markers are much easier to read than ball-point pens. Please note that we do not recommend placing stickers on items that may be damaged by adhesive.

Make Things Clear

After your own yard scale scouting and research, you may feel like a certain item should be sold at a certain price. If you’re not willing to negotiate your yard sale pricing, place the word “firm” on the price tag. Customers will know right away that bargaining on this particular item is not an option.

Use Categories to Appropriately Price Items

Let’s take a quick look at the typical garage sale pricing categories:

    • Adult Clothes – Used, $3-5
    • Baby Clothes – Gently used and unstained, $1-3
    • Coats and Outerwear – Used, $5-$15
  • Costume Jewelry – Depending on the condition, $0.50-$2
  • Shoes – Depending on the condition and style, $3-7

Average prices will vary depending on where you live.

Search or List Local Yard Sales

Are you a yard sale hunter or seller? Search sales in your neighborhood and compare prices on the spot. List your sale and gain much more exposure. Contact us at Yard Sale Radar to learn more today!