Organizing and Running a Community Yard Sale Fundraiser

When you’re organizing and running a community yard sale fundraiser, you definitely need to plan ahead. You want to ensure that everything is organized and strategic. This will allow you to have a successful yard sale weekend. And of course, raise as much money as possible for whichever cause you’re passionate about. Let’s take a look at a few simple tips you can use to have an awesome yard sale fundraiser. 

Be Passionate About Your Cause 

You, as well as the entire team involved with your fundraiser, should be passionate about your cause. It should be incredibly clear why you’re hosting a fundraiser. Choosing to raise funds for a cause that you are genuinely passionate about will make it all the more successful.

Select a Planning Committee

Planning a yard sale weekend is not a one-man-band kind of show. Divide responsibilities with responsible and passionate people you can trust. 

A community yard sale fundraiser committee

You may want to have different persons responsible for the following committees:

  • Volunteers – Responsible for working the sale and doing any other needed tasks
  • Donations – Collecting donations. As well as sorting and pricing them. 
  • Event Set-Up and Clean Up – These committee members will be the first and last at your community yard sale fundraiser. They will be responsible for ensuring everything is in place before attendees show up, as well as clean up after they leave. 
  • Permits and Proper Documents – These committee members will be responsible for ensuring you have all of the proper permits and documents in place. Ideally, well before the event takes place.

Choosing the Best Date and Time

The date and time you choose is the most important factor to consider when planning your yard sale weekend. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know when choosing your event date:

  • Plan no less than 6 weeks ahead of time. This timeframe will give donors time to source and gather donations. As well as, build up a decent monetary donation. 
  • Avoid planning on holidays. Most people will be spending time with family and friends. As well as traveling. Unless you’re planning to have holiday niche inventory items, it’s always best to choose another day. 
  • Plan around other big events in your city. Having your fundraiser on the same day as a big event in your city has pros and cons. Depending on your location, it can work. But, in most cases, it’s best to avoid having your event on the same day. 

If your city is having its annual fun day at the community park and your community yard sale fundraiser location will be close by – this can be a win for you! If you’re going to be on the other side of town, definitely don’t host your event on the same day. 

Choosing a Location

Location is everything during your yard sale weekend! We’ll list some of the best places you should host your event, below:

  • A home in a high-traffic area.
  • A church or community center – Churches and community centers are usually centrally located and in high-traffic areas. They are also great options because the members of these organizations will probably come by and check out your fundraiser. 
  • School – Another great location that is usually centrally located and easy to find.
  • The parking lot of a popular business establishment.

Collect Donations

Organize an easily accessible and operational drop-off location. Have your Donation Committee members plan for picking up donations from donors who may not have transportation. You want me to be sure that you can get your hands on every single donation you’re able to get. 

A small group of people meeting in a park in front of the New York City Skyline.

Make a plan for leftover donations after your yard sale weekend has ended. Will you donate them? Save them for later? Or, will someone take them home? Make sure you plan ahead for leftovers. Also, ensure that you have a decent collection of bags and boxes available for customers to carry their new goodies home in.


You should start advertising for your event no less than 3-4 weeks prior to your launch date. Use every marketing tool that you can. Social media, word of mouth, and signs are all great forms of advertisement. 

You also want to ensure that on the date of your event, your community yard sale fundraiser is bold and easy to find. Use attractive colors, balloons, streamers, and more to draw attention to your location.

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