6 Yard Sale Sign Ideas to Get People to Show Up

A yard sale sign on the roadside.

Today in the Yard Sale Radar Blog we are looking at yard sale sign ideas to maximize your chances of catching people’s attention in the right way and getting as many folks as possible to show up to your sale.

There’s a lot that goes into making the perfect sign, but we’ve boiled it down to only the most important yard/garage sale sign ideas. So let’s get into it!

1. Go Big

The first stop on our list of yard sale sign ideas is size. For outdoor signage like this, you do not want to pull out a piece of 8.5” by 11” paper from your printer. That’s much too small.

At the same time, you don’t want a sign that’s too large, as this could obstruct the sidewalk or distract motorists, and the police may ask you to take it down—or a local resident may do it for you.

We recommend using a sign that is 24” by 18”. This is a standard yard sign size. You can go a little smaller or bigger if you want.

2. Use Sturdy Material

Next up on our list of yard sale sign ideas is to look at the material. While you can find paper that’s 24” by 18”, you’re better off using a sturdier material that won’t get torn up so easily and has more resistance to the weather. Cardboard is a popular option.

3. Use Black Lettering on a White Sign

No. 3 on our list of yard sale sign ideas is contrast. The most important thing you can do to make a sign visible is to use maximum contrast between the sign and the lettering. That means using black lettering on a white sign. Nothing else does as good a job of catching people’s attention.

Don’t be tricked into yard/garage sale sign ideas that say you should go with something colorful. It doesn’t work as well. Sign colors like electric orange might stand out more, but the black lettering on them won’t be as visible as it would on a white sign. You don’t just need people to see the sign: You need them to be able to read what’s on it.

For the lettering use only capital letters, nothing lowercase.

4. Use a Big, Heavy Marker

Next up in our list of yard sale sign ideas is the writing implement. Many people make the mistake of using small markers or even ink pens (!) to write their yard sale signs. This just doesn’t work outdoors. You need much, much bigger lettering. Each letter in “YARD SALE” should be about the size of your fist, and bigger if you can get away with it.

Go ahead and buy a black permanent marker for this, since you’ll be using up a lot of its ink.

5. Keep It Short and Sweet

The fifth item on our list of yard sale sign ideas is message length. For a yard sale sign, you basically have less than one second to get through to most people.

We recommend writing “YARD SALE” in the largest possible lettering, taking up about two-thirds of the sign. Then, at the bottom of the sign, give the sale dates and hours, and the most basic directions you possibly can, such as: 2 BLOCKS →

If necessary, place additional signs along the route to guide people to your house.

6. Mount Your Sign

Last up on our list of yard sale sign ideas is the mounting solution. Your sign won’t hold itself up in the air!

If possible, use mounting stakes. Unless it’s going to be very windy out, these don’t need to be heavy-duty: You can get away with the cheap, high-gauge steel mounting stakes.

For sidewalks and other impermeable surfaces, buy an A-frame sidewalk sign mount. These are a little more expensive than stakes, but they really stand out and do a good job of looking official.

Post Your Yard Sale Online at Yard Sale Radar

These yard/garage sale sign ideas will help your signs to do the best job they can of advertising your sale.

Lastly, in addition to putting up physical signs remember to post your yard sale online with us at Yard Sale Radar!