Yard Sale Permit Assistance

Crucial information for your city’s yard sale permitgarage sale permit, or estate sale permit regulations

Holding a garage sale is an exciting event for many sellers. It is the opportunity to earn some extra money, get rid of stuff, and meet the neighbors. There is a requirement for a yard sale permit to be acquired before the sale in many cities. The license is a significant priority on the task list for getting ready for a garage sale. Let Yard Sale Radar help you make this task easier to complete.

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How We’ll Help

  • Which cities require a garage sale permit?
  • Where and how do you register for a yard sale permit?
  • Who can have a garage sale, and how often can you have yard sales throughout the year?
  • What hours can sellers operate the garage sale?
  • What can you sell at the yard sale?
  • How do I need to keep my garage sale property while buyers are around?
  • What can sellers do about signage to show their yard sale throughout the neighborhood?
  • When having a garage sale, are there any additional guidelines for non-profit organizations, churches, or commercial companies?
  • Are there any perks to having a garage sale in your city?


Yard Sale Radar is here to help you with any questions you may have in getting ready for your garage sale. Check out our list of tricks and tips to make your yard sale as profitable as possible. Connect with us on social media to hear more about garage sales happening in your area and ways to maximize your yard sale’s marketing.

Each city has its own set of guidelines and ordinances. Yard Sale Radar compiles the information for cities and provides a list for you to view and understand for your yard sale permit. We desire to make the process of understanding your city’s permit and additional rules simple for you to follow, allowing your sale days to be enjoyable. Through Yard Sale Radar’s easy-to-use site, you can post your yard sale today.