Yard Sale Route Planner: How to Create a Yard Sale Map

Today in the Yard Sale Radar Blog, we’re sharing our suggestions for planning a yard sale map. If you’ve ever tried to visit multiple yard sales in a single day, you’ve probably noticed that you can spend a lot of time getting from one sale to the next. Five minutes here, ten minutes there: it adds up! This is a common problem for yard sale treasure hunters. In fact, it’s known in mathematics and computer programming as the traveling salesman problem. If you need to visit a bunch of different locations, what’s the best order to do it? Luckily, there… Read More

Buying Yard Sale Clothes: What You Need to Know

Yard sale clothes are one of the secret pleasures of shopping at a yard sale. The treasure hunt is real! Today, we’re looking at garage sale clothes, and what you need to know before you buy them. Worried About Hygiene? When it comes to yard sale clothes, people will put anything and everything up for sale, including underwear, undershirts, lingerie, swim gear, socks, and hats. These kinds of intimate garments require extra cleaning in order to alleviate potential hygiene issues. Many people would avoid buying these kinds of garments entirely. But that’s not necessary, and you could be missing out… Read More

Tips for Staying Cool & Safe During Summer Yard Sale Hunting

It’s summertime again! And even though the world is in a strange place right now, there are still summer yard sales. This can be a great way to get out of the house, encounter other human beings, and stimulate your mind by being in a new place looking at new things. (Or, rather, new old things!) Yard sale hunting in the summer is sweaty work, of course, so today in the Yard Sale Radar Blog we’re sharing our top tips for staying cool—and safe—while you’re out there treasure hunting. Wear a Wide-Brimmed Sun Hat First up in our list of… Read More

5 Tips to Help You Score the Best Yard Sale Finds

The best yard sale finds are like discovering lost treasures. But yard sales are also full of stuff that isn’t so great, and it is not always easy to tell the good and the apart. So here are 5 tips for a successful yard sale hunt from our team at Yard Sale Radar to help you score the best garage sale finds! You can also read our article about tips for making money at yard sales here. 1. Buy in Bulk Now and Sort It Out Later Many times at a yard sale you’ll find items on sale in bulk,… Read More

3 Ways to Reuse Furniture to Save Money (and the Planet!)

Buying a new piece of furniture is one of the bigger purchasing decisions we make in our lives. It empties a giant hole in our wallets and fills up space in our homes—where we see it daily. A well-used piece of furniture will shape our daily routines, be there in our fondest at-home memories, and may, sadly, one day need replacing. Today in the Yard Sale Radar Blog, we’re looking at furniture reuse. These tips for repurposing old furniture will help you save money, reduce your ecological footprint, and create a more meaningful connection with your favorite pieces of furniture.… Read More

Yard Sale Safety: How to Stay Safe at a Yard Sale as a Buyer and Seller

With so much uncertainty in the world due to COVID-19, it can be hard to know if something as familiar as going to a yard sale or holding a yard sale after spring cleaning is a safe thing to do. If you’re a seller wondering what’s no longer safe to sell at garage sales or a buyer wondering how to yard sale safely, Yard Sale Radar has yard and garage sale safety tips for you. Luckily, a big part of yard sale safety comes down to knowing what to sell and what not to sell at garage sales and yard… Read More

How to Plan & Hold an Estate Sale

Odds are that you’ve never had to plan an estate sale before, and you have a lot of questions about how to hold an estate sale. Who do you contact? What do you sell? What the heck is an estate sale in the first place? There are professional companies out there who can do it for you, but they cost a lot of money—and you probably don’t need their help anyway! A DIY estate sale is completely doable on your own with the right yard and estate sale tips, tricks, and advice. In this three-part series, our experts at Yard… Read More

Amazing, Creative Yard Sale Display Ideas for Eye-Catching Sales

Who says yard sales have to be boring? Say “so long” to the standard fold-out table display because today we are looking at creative yard sale ideas, tips, and tricks for arranging and displaying the goods at your sale. A successful yard sale is about so much more than just the items you are selling. The way you arrange and display your items makes a huge difference because it lets everyone know what you have and sells people on the usefulness, fun factor, or value of those items. A good seller creates their own demand through clever marketing and eye-catching… Read More

Upcycle For a Profit: How to Grow Your Small Business With Yard Sales

As more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that recycling isn’t a cure-all for the enormous amounts of trash that humanity generates, we are seeing a trend towards upcycling as an alternative. Some people are even creating their own upcycling business! Today in the Yard Sale Radar blog, we are looking at how you can use yard sales to grow your upcycling business. If you have your own small business or are looking to start one, then read on for some great insights and ideas! For Those Just Getting Started: What Is an Upcycling Business? “Upcycling” refers… Read More

Our Top 10 Tips for Spring Cleaning

How to Declutter a House with a Springtime Cleaning Yard Sale Winter is over! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and like millions of Americans, you’re probably looking around your house wondering how to declutter. Springtime cleaning can be an opportunity for you to do more than just pack your stuff away more neatly. You can also take the opportunity to declutter, simplify, and make some money -- and what better way to do that than with a yard sale? Springtime Cleaning Tip #1: Downsize Your Wardrobe Most of us buy a lot of clothes, and veteran yard… Read More