What to Sell at a Yard Sale to Bring in the Most Money

Figuring out what to sell at a yard sale can be surprisingly tricky. As the saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. But sometimes trash really is just trash. So how do you know what will make you money and what will end up just going to Goodwill? Every sale is different, but some tried-and-true items do sell better than others. What Are The Best Yard Sale Items? Furniture Is a Crowd Pleaser Here’s the biggest item (literally!) on our list of what to sell at a yard sale: furniture. People often wonder if it’s worth the bother… Read More

The Best Vintage Album Buys: Find Used Vinyl Records for Sale

Browsing used vinyl records for sale at a yard sale is like going on a real-world treasure hunt. There are countless prizes both great and small lying in wait, and you never know what you’re going to discover: Vintage music from your favorite artists. Original presses of famous or beloved albums. Music you’ve never heard and don’t know anything about. This idea of vinyl records as a “treasure hunt” turns out to be surprisingly helpful as a guide to buying used vinyl records for sale. Today in the Yard Sale Radar Blog, let’s take a look at why old records… Read More

Yard Sale Buyers’ Guide: How to Find Quality Estate Jewelry for Sale

“Estate jewelry” is a term that applies to previously owned jewelry that you purchase secondhand. As the name suggests, you’ll regularly find estate jewelry for sale at estate sales or yard sales. The trick, however, is finding high-quality jewelry. At estate sales, you’ll have plenty of jewelry to choose from, but most of it is cheap, and a lot of it will be dingy, scratched up, or otherwise soiled. So how can you find the best estate jewelry sales online and beyond? Our Tips for Buying Jewelry at an Estate Sale Show Up in Person Some sellers offer estate jewelry… Read More

Long Live the 80s! The Decade’s Most ‘80s Memorabilia to Buy and Sell

Ah, the ‘80s! These days, we’re seeing a lot of ‘80s memorabilia for sale at yard sales around the country. Some of these items have accumulated real value. Others, while not huge moneymakers, are popular enough that they’re very likely going to sell. So let’s take a look at ‘80 memorabilia and learn how you can take advantage of the trend, either as a yard sale buyer or as someone preparing for your own yard sale. What You Need to Know About 80s Memorabilia For Sale The Materialist Decade The 1980s were an intense decade. Those of us who lived… Read More

New Year, New Diet: Search Sales for Tried and True Collectible Cookbooks

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is weight loss. In one 2019 poll, 54% of individuals said that their resolution was to eat healthier -- but that’s easier said than done. If you really want to stick with your resolution, you need to start a new diet. One easy way to do that is to look for collectible cookbooks. If you shop at a local yard sale, you can find a wealth of treasures. This includes old cookbooks for sale that make it easier to eat healthily and lose weight. Discover how to find yard sales showcasing cookbooks… Read More

How to Make Money at Yard Sales: Tips for Making Your Sale Profitable

If you’re planning a yard sale of your own and are wondering how to make money at yard sales, there is a lot you can do to improve your profits. From setting the right atmosphere for buyers to making sure your sale is running at the right time, Yard Sale Radar has put together this list of tips for a successful yard sale to help you earn more money. Tips for a Successful Yard Sale #1: Research Your Items Before Pricing Them Figuring out how to price yard sale items can be difficult. The economic reality of a yard sale… Read More

Why Post-Holidays is The Perfect Time to Prep for a Yard Sale

When the holiday season comes to an end, most people find themselves with a cluttered home -- unwanted presents, new surprises, and decorations you realize you don’t need can overrun your home. But you don’t need to let your material things take over every room of your house. By preparing for a yard sale post-holidays, you can get your space back and make a little bit of money on the side. Discover more ideas for decluttering your home, and check out why you should consider having a yard sale after the holiday season. Top Reasons to Prepare for a Yard… Read More

How Garage Sales Today Connect the Community and Build Relationships

You’re tired of seeing your old collectibles taking up room in your attic. They’re not doing much for you up there, so maybe it’s time to do some early spring cleaning and get rid of them. Not so fast. Before you haul them away to the dump, maybe you should consider selling them at a yard sale. Yeah, seriously. Those things. In the back of your mind, you may be asking yourself, “Who in the world would want this?” But remember the old adage: One person’s trash could very well be someone else’s treasure. Plus, if you’re wondering how to… Read More

The Best Yard Sale Tips to Stay Safe and Protect Your Property

You’ve got vintage dishes, old games, camping gear, picture frames, costume jewelry, and artwork laid out for sale. And that’s just the first table. Yes, it’s that time again—time for your spring yard sale. You’ve neatly organized all of your old things on tables and chairs, and now you’re ready for the public to finally take them off your hands—for the right price, of course. The question is, how can you be sure that certain people won’t try to take these items off your hands without your knowing? Or, take other items that were never for sale in the first… Read More

How Yard Sales Can Help Charities

Think of a charity that is near and dear to your heart. Chances are, you wish you could give much more to this charity than you already have over the years, but you’re not exactly sure how to free up some funds to do this. The great news is that raising money for your favorite charity doesn’t have to be a complicated or costly endeavor. Simply hosting your own yard sale can be a wonderful option for raising money for charity. After all, a well-thought out yard sale can easily net you a few hundred dollars to more than $1,000.… Read More