The 7 Best Things to Buy at Yard Sales

Sometimes the best value items aren’t where you’d expect them to be. Wholesale retailers like Costco and Walmart are great if you’re looking to buy groceries or everyday things in bulk. But what about everything else, particularly any larger items that might be quite costly? Yard sales are generally a great starting point for thrifty shoppers.

We’ve been thinking about the best things to buy at yard sales, so we came up with a list. It includes some of the most popular yard sale items you can usually find. No matter where you live, our list is great if you’re looking for something to either repurpose and resell, or just redecorate your home.

Top 7 Items to Shop for at Yard Sales

When it comes to finding the best thing to buy at a yard sale, keep an eye out for the following:

  1. Picture Frames – Pictures frames can be surprisingly expensive if you go to a framing shop. Even the most basic frames can cost upwards of $30 and even hundreds of dollars for those that have more intricate detail. At a yard sale, you can usually pick up some large frames in good condition anywhere from $5 to $20 – a fraction of what it might cost at the store.couch and coffee table among best things to buy at yard sales
  2. Furniture – Furniture is one of the best things you can buy at a yard sale. Sellers are looking to sell these pieces the day of because of its large size – they don’t want to have to move it back into the house or store it. This allows the buyer to negotiate to a fairly reasonable price. That’s why furniture is one of the most popular yard sale items. In addition, if the furniture has any damage, you may be able to get an even better deal. With a little DIY improvement you can return the item close to its original state or add a coat of paint or a new cover to match your own interior design.
  3. Tools – Often overpriced, tools can hit your budget quite hard! Be aware though – some tools may be damaged or defective, in which case we suggest you look at another sale. If there is a specific tool you’re looking for, check out Yard Sale Radar to see if someone in your area is selling that tool. To get the best price, compare tools you find at yard sales with other similar things you would buy at retail stores.children’s building blocks are among best things to buy at yard sales
  4. Toys – Yard sales are a great way to find new toys, games and puzzles for a great value. Many times, parents will want to sell off toys when their kids have grown up. Some of the most popular toy items you can find at a yard sale are wooden blocks and toy cars. By saving on toys at these sales, you’ll be able to stash away cash to spend on a new item your child really wants for a holiday or special occasion. While toys may be among the best things you can buy at a yard sale, you’ll still want to sanitize these items when you get home. Be sure to clean them with a mixture of bleach or vinegar and hot water.
  5. Sports Equipment – Sports equipment can be a very costly, especially for someone who has children who are still growing and deciding what sports they might like to pursue. Whether you’re looking to buy weights to keep in shape or gear for your kids, sports equipment can make a big dent in your wallet. The good news is that gently-used gear won’t affect how well you perform, which is why it’s one of the best things to buy at yard sales. You could find a great deal on name-brand equipment, bikes, bats, balls, even golf clubs, for a great price!
  6. Jewelry – It can be tough to find jewelry that you like for yourself or for your spouse. Many times, jewelry stores will sell their items so that they cost much more than what they’re actually worth. Yard sales are a great place to shop around for jewelry, especially if you like vintage styles. Because some jewelry isn’t as popular is it once might have been, the price of those pieces may be much lower than the actual value of the item itself. This means you can get a great deal even though the piece itself is still beautiful and just as valuable. You can always bring jewelry to a specialist who cleans jewelry so that it can be renewed to a more clean and shiny state.rack with clothes can have the best things to buy at yard sales
  7. Clothes – While it can be tougher to find the perfect style and clothes that fit just right, you can try your luck on clothes while looking around a yard sale. Some of the best things to buy at a yard sale are jackets and clothes that you may only use once or twice a year. Kids clothes end up being some of the most popular yard sale items because kids outgrow things so quickly. Buying them used keeps extra money in parents’ pockets.Mind you, successfully buying or selling clothes at a yard sale can be hit or miss. Displaying worn T-shirts and outdated sweaters are common sale blunders, but there’s always the possibility of finding the perfect item mixed in with the rest. Plus, when it comes to seasonal wear for children, these clothes are often only worn a few times before they’re outgrown. This means you may find a name brand item like a Columbia or North Face jacket for a fraction of the retail price.

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