What You Should Never Buy at a Yard Sale

Some things are just not meant to buy used. That doesn’t mean buying used is a bad thing – used items are great when you’re looking for a vintage or discounted item. There are just some items that could put your safety and health in jeopardy. There’s also the chance that you could make a bad investment if the item breaks down only a short time after buying it. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of items and what not to sell or buy at a yard sale.One thing to note about garage sales is that they are not regulated, meaning that the only people in charge are the people who are selling their items. Because of this, items may be unsanitary or unsafe yet still available for purchase. Let’s break down the things that we should not buy used.

Top 6 Used Items to Avoid Buying at a Yard Sale

Our list of things that you should not buy used is based on our experience of what we’ve seen people selling on Yard Sale Radar. So, without further ado, when it comes to what not to buy or sell at a yard sale, here are our top 6 items:bikers wearing helmets that are things not to buy used

  • Bike Helmets – According to the Bike Helmet Safety Institute, bike helmets should be replaced after any crash where you hit your heads. In addition, older helmets may offer less protection than new helmet models. While you may not see damage when you’re looking to purchase the helmet, there are other factors that could impact its security. This is why we’ve put this item as the #1 thing that you should not buy used.
  • Car Seats – Unfortunately, car seats can be quite expensive in stores, but they still made it into our list of things that you should not buy used. Because of changing safety guidelines and product recalls, it’s impossible to know if the car seat is safe or defective. And, this isn’t something you want to risk – one crash is all it takes.
  • Kitchen Appliances – Because kitchen appliances are expensive and you don’t know how reliable they are, purchasing one used can be very risky. When you buy an appliance at a store, the manufacturer will offer a warranty. This is because they know that there is a chance the product will be defective. There are no warranties at yard sales, however. The appliance could last 10 years, or it could last 10 hours. This is why appliances have made our list of things not to buy used.a mattress is a thing not to buy used
  • Mattresses – Bed bugs have been a major hassle across the nation. These pests are found in every state and can be very difficult to get rid of if they’ve found their way inside a home. For this reason, it’s not worth the risk to buy a mattress from a yard sale and most importantly, why it is one of the things that you should not buy used. Buying a new mattress is a good start to keeping your home bug-free. Also, many times used mattresses will have stains on them or even mold. Don’t take your chances.
  • Cookware – Some of the older non-stick cookware have coatings that contain dangerous chemicals. While most cookware makers don’t use PFOA and PFOS substances any more, other makers have used these in the past. If you see pots and pans that are damaged, especially if they are older pans that are chipped and flaking, be aware. These types of things that could be dangerous should not be bought used.a man fixing a tire which is a thing not to buy used
  • Tires – Again, here’s another item we’ve put on the list of what not to sell or buy at a yard sale due to safety risks. There could be a number of problems that come from buying used tires: the tread could be worn down too far, there could be rot on the tires, or, the tires could also have been recalled for the particular model you found. Especially, if you’re driving with your family, these risks just aren’t worth it.

While these items have made it to our top 6 list, there are plenty of other things that should not be bought or sold used, for safety reasons. A few other items to consider are: baby gear, electronics, cribs, and bath and body products.

The Items Should You Hold on to If You’re a Seller

Now that you know the things that you should not buy used, let’s take a look at what you can do with them instead. If you are trying to get rid of some of these items, or make a little extra money from them, there are a few options for you:

  • Give Them to a Charity – While some items shouldn’t be purchased at yard sales, it’s possible some organizations might still be able to take them. Just check what they can accept before you drop anything off.
  • Sell for Scrap Metal – If the hassle isn’t too much, you may be able to get some extra cash for large kitchen appliances.
  • Recycle/Repurpose – Things like tires may be able to be recycled or repurposed. Many items are used by local artists in their designs. You could also check with your local municipality to see what materials can be recycled and where.

If there’s anything we missed on our list of things that you should not buy used, reach out to us and let us know!

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