Why Post-Holidays is The Perfect Time to Prep for a Yard Sale

why post holidays is the perfect time to prep for a yard sale

When the holiday season comes to an end, most people find themselves with a cluttered home — unwanted presents, new surprises, and decorations you realize you don’t need can overrun your home. But you don’t need to let your material things take over every room of your house. By preparing for a yard sale post-holidays, you can get your space back and make a little bit of money on the side. Discover more ideas for decluttering your home, and check out why you should consider having a yard sale after the holiday season.

Top Reasons to Prepare for a Yard Sale After the Holidays

1. Too Much Clutter Accumulates

If you need ideas for decluttering your home, a yard sale should be at the top of your list. During the holiday season, your belongings start to grow. Gifts from friends and family members end up piled in the closet and the garage, old decorations get stuffed back into cardboard boxes, and the dishes you never use go right back where they came from.

With the average U.S. consumer spending an average of $846 on Christmas presents every year, there are just too many gifts and things that can pile up in our homes after the holidays. Preparing for a yard sale is one way to prevent unused products from cluttering your home.

While some of the gifts are useful, others simply take up space. Even if you use the presents, they may make other items in your home irrelevant. Before your sale, go through every room in your house. You’ll probably come across some presents that were never even opened. You might be surprised how many items you can easily part ways with that people in your community would be eager to snatch up.

2. The Weather is Cool

One of the best ideas for decluttering your home is to do it in cooler weather. For one, preparing for a yard sale is less uncomfortable in the cool weather. It’s easier for you to get into your attic, dump out those closets, and organize the garage when the temperature is mild.

Even more importantly, the cool weather makes it more likely that other people will come to your yard sale! No one wants to sit outside in the sweltering heat. As long as you don’t set up for your yard sale on the coldest day of winter, you should have a reasonable turn-out. If you live in a city like Chicago, watch the weather carefully, and plan for a day when everyone will be out enjoying the sun.

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3. Spring Cleaning is Approaching

After the holidays, spring approaches quickly. This makes the post-holiday period ideal for your sale. With the spring comes spring cleaning, but that’s not easy to do with a cluttered home.

When you hold a yard sale after the holidays, you get a headstart on your spring cleaning. With fewer items cluttering your space, you’ll be able to clean your home without rearranging everything. To make your residence even more presentable, you can do some cleaning as you start looking into ideas for decluttering your home. While preparing for a yard sale, grab your favorite household cleaner and start scrubbing. Then, price your yard sale items and watch them sell.

4. Life Quiets Down

During the holidays, life is hectic. You probably have work parties, family get-togethers, and all-day events to attend. If you try to get anything done before the holidays, you might struggle to find the time. Fortunately, life doesn’t stay that busy. In the post-holiday slump, you should have more time to reorganize your home and think about other weekend activities to do. This means more time to start preparing for a yard sale and more time for other people to attend your sale!

A woman counts her cash as she prepares for a yard sale.

5. Earn Back Some Money

Even if you’re smart with your money, the holiday season could empty your bank account. Preparing for a yard sale could help with that. If you want to start building your bank account back up, you should start decluttering your home and selling what you don’t need. If you properly plan for your yard sale, you could end up making a significant profit — the average yard sale can earn up to $500 per day!

Making Your Post-Holiday Sale More Successful

Although the post-holiday period is an ideal time to start preparing for a yard sale, there’s no guarantee your sale will be a success. You need to plan your sale carefully, learn the best yard sale tips and tricks, and then market your sale well if you want to make money.

To start off on the right track, plan your yard sale for a popular day of the week. Find yard sales online and see when other people are holding their sales. Generally, there’s a certain day of the week that locals use to drive around and search for treasures. In most areas of the country, that day is Saturday or Sunday.

While preparing for a yard sale, keep in mind that the quality of your items matter. Following ideas for decluttering your home doesn’t just mean getting rid of everything. You won’t be able to sell items that are broken or too old. Before you put something out for sale, consider whether someone else will really want it. If something has no chance of selling, don’t bother putting it out.

Finally, you should advertise your yard sale online to as many people as possible. Part of preparing for a yard sale is notifying your neighbors and friends about the event. For more visibility with your sale, create an account with Yard Sale Radar.

Once you create an account, you can post your yard sale listing and get nationwide visibility to improve your chances of a successful yard sale. Save your time and make more money by advertising on a website that connects you with buyers. Check out Yard Sale Radar and advertise your yard sale today!