Our Top 10 Tips for Spring Cleaning

A collection of cups, mugs, and other vessels sit for sale on a set of shelves

How to Declutter a House with a Springtime Cleaning Yard Sale

Winter is over! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and like millions of Americans, you’re probably looking around your house wondering how to declutter. Springtime cleaning can be an opportunity for you to do more than just pack your stuff away more neatly. You can also take the opportunity to declutter, simplify, and make some money — and what better way to do that than with a yard sale?

A woman folds her clothes during Springtime cleaning

Springtime Cleaning Tip #1: Downsize Your Wardrobe

Most of us buy a lot of clothes, and veteran yard salers can tell you that clothing is the first item to focus on when you’re considering how to declutter your house. Fashions change — as do bodies — and your old clothes are just taking up space.

If clothes don’t fit anymore or they just don’t fit the trends, it may be time to let them go. As you’re thinking about what to sell at a yard sale and how to declutter a house, there’s no better chance to give them a good shot at a new lease on life than by including them in your springtime cleaning yard sale.

Tip: Don’t sell clothes you wouldn’t wear yourself. If a piece of clothing is full of rips and tears or has horrible stains, people probably won’t buy it. If you wouldn’t spend money on it yourself, chances are a stranger won’t either!

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Springtime Cleaning Tip #2: Let Go of Old Toys

If you want to know how to declutter a house, ask yourself what you own that used to be fun for you but isn’t anymore. Old “hobby” items that you no longer use are the perfect target for a good springtime cleaning.

Whether we are talking about books, video games, makeup kits, houseplants, workout equipment, electronics, or something else, the point is that sometimes we outgrow our “toys.” Sometimes the things that used to be fun for us in the past just sit around now, dusty and unused while taking up space.

Springtime Cleaning Tip #3: Axe Some Furniture

Springtime cleaning is a great opportunity to make decisions about opening up more space in your home — and nothing takes up space like furniture! Though furniture may not be the first thing we look at getting rid of when thinking about how to declutter a house, putting old pieces up for sale can be a great way to make space in a crowded living room or long forgotten guest bedroom.

Here’s an exercise: walk through every room in your house, take a look at each major piece of furniture, and ask yourself if that piece of furniture is actually making your life better. If you have a bookshelf full of random decorations and a few books, are these things giving you a happier life? If not, then think about selling the bookshelf and everything on it.

A collection of small things on a table awaiting Springtime cleaning

Springtime Cleaning Tip #4: Gather Up Loose Things

Many homes are full of loose clutter that just sits around: a stack of magazines, a garden pot, or an old computer. This stuff has a way of becoming practically invisible. We don’t use it. We don’t notice it. We just step around it.

When you’re figuring out how to declutter a house by holding a yard sale, it helps to empty a few baskets, boxes, or shelves in the weeks ahead of your sale. Then as you go about your daily life, just scoop up loose things whenever they catch your eye. Either give these things a proper place in your home or add them to your yard sale shelf.

By doing this, you will end up spotting some good items to add to your yard sale that you probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise!

Springtime Cleaning Tip #5: Make Your Yard Sale More Visible at Yard Sale Radar

So now that you know how to declutter a house with a good springtime cleaning yard sale, it’s time to start planning one! And that means advertising your yard sale in a way that gets the most attention possible!

We know how much work it is to advertise a yard sale. You have to put up signs, look for yard sale advertising online, and tell friends and coworkers — it’s a hassle!

Here at Yard Sale Radar, we specialize in connecting yard sale shoppers and buyers together. Post your sale in our online listings at Yard Sale Radar — or search yard sales online for the things you need to get that extra push of visibility. Happy selling, and enjoy your newly clean space at home!