What to Sell at a Yard Sale to Bring in the Most Money

what to sell at a yard sale to bring in the most money

Figuring out what to sell at a yard sale can be surprisingly tricky. As the saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. But sometimes trash really is just trash. So how do you know what will make you money and what will end up just going to Goodwill? Every sale is different, but some tried-and-true items do sell better than others.

What Are The Best Yard Sale Items?

Furniture Is a Crowd Pleaser

Here’s the biggest item (literally!) on our list of what to sell at a yard sale: furniture. People often wonder if it’s worth the bother to drag furniture outside, especially larger pieces like china cabinets and couches. The answer is usually yes!

There are a couple of reasons we consider furniture finds worth more money at yard sales: First, they are some of the best yard sale items in terms of their cash value. While you can expect to sell furniture for the same steep markdown that you’re selling everything else at, the intrinsic value of furniture offers something of a “cushion” in terms of a guaranteed minimum value. It might be annoying to haul out a large dining table, but it’s one of the few things you can sell at a yard sale that guarantees a high selling value.

A second, reason for selling furniture at a yard sale is that it draws people in. When you’re thinking about what to sell at a yard sale, you have to think not only about the direct cash value of items but about how “needed” they are by buyers. Not everyone is going to need a new bike or 10 used books, but furniture is something everyone needs.

Additionally, furniture is a great yard sale item because it appeals to all people. Buyers can imagine what they could do with your piece and how it would look in their home better than they can visualize how that old RC car will fit into their lives. Furniture gets people excited. Even if they don’t end up buying a piece, the furniture helps draw them there in the first place, and it can entice them to make other purchases.

In other words, furniture is a crowd-pleaser. That’s why it makes for some of the best yard sale items!

What Kinds of Furniture Should You Sell?

When it comes to furniture, the short answer of what to sell at a yard sale is “any and all:”

  • Tables and Chairs
  • Desks
  • Small Tables
  • Shelves
  • Couches and Armchairs
  • Beds
  • Drawers and Chests
  • China Cabinets, Hutches, and Buffets
  • Lighting and Mirrors

Selling a healthy mix of furniture increases the number of potential buyers, but the furniture you offer should be in working condition or easily fixable. If you do want to try and unload broken furniture, be prepared to offer different pricing on these yard sale items.

A table full of old electronics as an example of the best yard sale items to sell


One of the biggest categories on the list of yard sale items worth money is consumer electronics. Electronics often make the best yard sale items because they have lasting value. As long as they’re in working condition, many of these items are as relevant today as they were when you first bought them, such as music equipment and appliances. Meanwhile, the ones that aren’t current anymore are either collectible antiques (like old video game consoles) or great bargains (like old computers that can still do work). If you’re wondering what to sell at a yard sale, electronics are always a winner.

What Kinds of Electronics Should You Sell?

  • TVs
  • Radios
  • Video Game Consoles and Cartridges / Discs
  • Media Players (e.g., VCRs, Record Players, etc.)
  • Computers and Peripherals (e.g., Monitors, Mice, Scanners, etc.)
  • Light Appliances (e.g., Toasters, Microwaves, Blenders, Coffeemakers)
  • Music Equipment (e.g., Keyboards, Amps, and Pedals)

The catch is that whatever items you sell should be in good working order. Occasionally you’ll find people who are scavenging for parts, or who are willing to fix a broken device themselves, but most yard sale shoppers want something that works the way it’s supposed to work. So test your electronics before you sell them: Plug them in, turn them on, brew that pot of coffee, etc.

Give your shoppers a chance to test electronics, too, by having an extension cord ready.

Tools, Games, Clothes, & Kitchenwares

While furniture and electronics tend to bring in the biggest sales per item, there are some other items that are always popular and will bring in a lot of money across a higher number of transactions. When you’re thinking about what to sell at a yard sale, these items are also must-haves.


Tools, especially if they’re in good condition and are free of rust, are a perennial favorite. Garden tools are especially popular. So if you have an old electric drill you recently replaced with an updated version or a lawnmower that just isn’t cutting it anymore, put them out for sale!

A selection of colorful kids’ toys on a white surface as an example of the best yard sale items to sell

Toys & Games

Toys and games are also some of the best things for buyers to purchase at yard sales. Some toys, like Legos and Brio, are timeless. These make for some of the best yard sale items because you’ll always find buyers. Parents, kids, collectors of all ages — toys can still be fun and offer universal appeal even if they’re out of date. These are an easy addition to your list of what to sell at a yard sale.

On the gaming side of things, board games are always popular. Not to mention they have been making a resurgence in the past few years, so there is definitely consumer interest in vintage games! In any case, make sure your toys and games aren’t broken and have all their pieces! If anything is missing, note that on the sticker.


There are always parents out there looking for affordable clothes for their growing kids, and there are always adults who have gone up or down a few sizes themselves and need a new wardrobe on a budget. That’s why clothes always have a place on the list of what to sell at a yard sale!

Make sure your clothes are wearable—no giant rips or enormous stains. You’ll commonly hear the phrase “gently used.” That’s what you’re aiming for. Generally clothes in poorer condition are considered things not to buy used, but set them clearly apart from the rest with clear signage and discounts and see what happens!


Kitchenwares are always on the list of what to sell at a yard sale. A soup bowl is probably not going to sell for as much as the dining table you put it on. But what about 10 bowls? 10 dinner plates? A drawer full of silverware? When you sell these items in bulk or as a set, kitchenwares can add up to equal or greater value. As long as they’re in good condition, kitchenwares are consistently some of the best yard sale items.

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